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Discover the charm of Mount Pleasant Village this spring

With spring finally in the air, Toronto’s many vibrant neighbourhoods, including the Mount Pleasant Village BIA, are full of life and ready for exploration. From art crawls and patios to boutique shopping and family fun, this part of midtown has a little bit of everything for everyone. Conveniently located between Davisville and Eglinton, Mount Pleasant Rd. is a delight!

See and do:

Stroll through Mount Pleasant Village on a sunny day and admire the many public art projects that dot the area,

Flower power: The best places near Toronto to enjoy summer blooms

With the warm weather and all kinds of nature coming to life around us, now’s the perfect time for flower lovers and garden worshippers to get out and explore. Here are some of the best places to enjoy the beauty of summer flowers in and around Toronto.

The ever-popular Toronto Flower Market has been selling top-quality blooms and garden-related items for the past nine years with roaring success. Inspired by the bustling flower markets of the U.K., this market brings old-world charm with a touc

The best places to buy a lakefront cottage in Ontario right now

From long summer days idling lakeside to admiring the reflection of colourful fall foliage on glassy water, most can agree that life on the lake is a blessing. For those hoping to get a cottage of your very own, the allure of having access to a beautiful lakefront is likely high on your list of must-haves. But before you venture off and snap up your dream cottage, you’ll want to research your options first.

You’ll want to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to shoreline ow

13 Facts About Lady Jane Grey, England’s Unlucky Nine Days’ Queen

Nearly 500 years ago, a petite 17-year-old girl with freckles and auburn hair briefly ascended the throne of England and Ireland in what would be Britain’s shortest reign.

Named after her notorious great uncle Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, Lady Jane Grey—otherwise known as the Nine Days’ Queen—would find herself in an impossible situation. She’s seen as an innocent victim of Tudor Dynasty politics, and her rightfulness to the crown is debated to this day. Here are 13 facts about her tr

Ireland’s Great Hunger: 13 Facts About the 19th-Century Potato Famine that Devastated the Emerald Isle

Ireland’s rugged and beautiful landscape has captivated people’s imagination for generations. As picturesque as it may be, however, the North Atlantic island can be an unforgiving environment.

Before gaining independence in 1922, Ireland had been colonized for nearly 1000 years. The people had their ancient culture repressed and torn to shambles multiple times, and experienced severe poverty and famines—the longest and most devastating being the potato famine of the 1840s.

There’s a $6.649 million ravine house for sale with a Hollywood connection

Combining cubic modernism with cottage charm, 24 Heathdale Rd, known as The Ravine House, is full of architectural delight and surprise — inside and out.

Nestled in the Cedarvale-Humewood locale, this award-winning home designed by acclaimed architect Drew Mandel not only compliments the wooded scenery tucked behind it but wholly embraces it.

“My favourite part about the house is how unassuming it is. You think you have it figured out, but the second you step through the doorway, that all chan

9 cozy, snowy getaways to discover in Ontario this winter

Winter can be a magical time for those who seek to embrace it — and to help ignite your sense of winter wonder, here are some cozy local getaways in Ontario perfect for the season.

Head to Muskoka’s Peninsula Lake for a winter getaway filled with nostalgia. Since 1927, Cedar Grove Lodge has delighted guests with year-round lakeside cottage experiences. During the winter, lace up your skates and head for the frozen lake, or grab a toboggan for fun on the hills. Reel in trout in their ice fishing

This $4.595 million historic Rosedale home includes Victorian stained glass windows

On what was once the site of the Jarvis family’s country estate (who Jarvis Street is named after), the framework of what would become the community of Rosedale began in 1853 when William Jarvis subdivided his land to create Rose Park — Canada’s first garden suburb. Named after Rosedale villa, where wild roses grew in abundance, Rosedale has long been an alluring location to call home — with 57 Elm Ave. representing a fine example of what makes this nook so desirable.

Situated within the origin

The intriguing, little-known history of Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works

Known for its many arts and cultural events, beautiful walking trails and nature-inspired playscape, tens of thousands of visitors pass through the Evergreen Brick Works (also known as the Don Valley Brick Works) in Toronto every year.

But if you look beyond its modern reputation as a well-loved and highly celebrated community space, the Toronto Brick Works has a fascinating history.

The most Instagrammable lighthouses in Ontario to add to your road trip

One might think that you need to travel many miles east to enjoy the rustic charm of lighthouses, but they’d be wrong. With over 100 lighthouses dotted across Ontario, there’s plenty to see right here — and these nine are perfect for getting started. These lighthouses can be the destinations or just stops along the way on your next road trip, but one thing’s for sure – you won’t be able to resist taking a whole bunch of photos!

An astronomy-lover's guide to stargazing in Ontario

There’s something infinitely wonderful about looking out at a sky filled with stars — and in Ontario, we have some of the most beautiful spots designated just for stargazing.

With roughly 80 per cent of Canada uninhabited, there are vast expanses of untouched and pristine wilderness far from the lights and noise of our biggest cities.

But despite being blessed with so much natural splendor, light pollution is a growing problem that reaches far beyond our city limits and expanding infrastructur

This $3.995 million High Park home has a connection to an 80-year-old mystery

Backing directly onto the calm waters of Grenadier Pond and the lush expanses of High Park, 21 Grenadier Hts. is listed at $3.995 million and offers four bedrooms, five bathrooms and an enchanting landscaped garden.

In an exclusive enclave hidden amid scenic park lands and ponds in every direction, this quiet neighbourhood gives the impression of being many miles from the buzz of city life yet rests in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant west end and steps from a major Toronto theatre event.

Not on

This $4.3 million converted factory home in Toronto is a historical and architectural gem

Hidden down a Davenport laneway, the nondescript whitewashed brick exterior of this 19th-century plywood factory at 142R Davenport Rd. conceals an avante-garde architectural wonder that’s anything but plain.

Surrounded by Summerhill and star-studded Yorkville, 142R Davenport Rd. stands at the heart of luxury. What’s more, with a 4,500-square-foot interior plus a 1,400-foot rooftop patio, this $4.3 million address is truly one-of-a-kind.

Purchased in the 1970s by a well-known Toronto designer a

Live right on the water in this luxe Toronto float house listed for $1.298 million

Right on the water and in the heart of Bluffer’s Park cove, Toronto’s only float house neighbourhood consists of only two dozen residences, including the gorgeous 7 Brimley Rd. S.

Surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs escarpment, nature trails and beaches, living here is truly a rare opportunity in the city and offers a laid-back lifestyle more akin to a far-off seaside town than anything Toronto usually is known for.

Listed at $1.298 million and beautifully modern from t

5 Ontario adventures for the perfect Mother's Day weekend

From all the little gestures of love that mean the world to us to the sacrifices they’ve made for our betterment, moms give so much each and every day. So, when Mother’s Day weekend comes around, it’s our turn to show appreciation and do something special in return.

With plenty of things to do not too far from Toronto, it’s easy to make the perfect plans to suit any interest. From hiking to high tea across Ontario, here are a few suggestions to make your Mother’s Day 2022 simply fabulous.


This $1.995 million home might be the most charming place in Toronto

Nestled along a quiet street in historic Cabbagetown, 5 Aberdeen Ave. embodies the creative character of this famous Toronto neighbourhood.

Featuring original Victorian details such as ornate crown mouldings and stained glass accents, this home has been lovingly modernized but maintains its historical charm.

Listed at $1.995 million, this gorgeous rowhouse is within walking distance of the lush oasis of Allen Gardens and the expanses of Riverdale park and farm.

Featuring tall ceilings and a l

3 spectacular cave adventures to explore across Ontario

There’s something magical and otherworldly about caves – mysterious even.

Created by ancient limestone deposits eroded by melting ice-age glaciers, these surreal caverns hold many secrets and ancient stories for those who venture into them. And while you might want to leave some caves to professional spelunkers and speleologists, others beg to be explored by folk with curious souls.

In Ontario, we’re lucky enough to have many incredible caves across the province that are absolutely perfect for

8 epic things to do for Star Wars Day in Toronto

In a galaxy far, far away – well, make that Toronto in 2011 actually – a special day for all things Star Wars came to life.

With humble beginnings at the Underground Theatre as a costume contest and trivia night, May the Fourth (or Star Wars Day) was officially born.

Now it’s a global celebration for fun-lovers and fans of George Lucas’ galactic anthology everywhere. From the International Space Station to Disneyland and countless places in-between, this quirky salute to Star Wars is here to s

Inside a $3.5 million Georgian Bay island cottage that's a work of art

On an island in the iconic Georgian Bay stands a cottage built with impeccable taste and attention to detail. A collaborative design by an architect and the current owners, 12 Island 2075/Arthur is one-of-a-kind and offers the best example of refined Canadian cottage living.

From the artistic blend of woodwork and stone throughout to the massive windows that frame the surrounding landscape, every inch of this property is intentional and spectacular.

12 Island 2075/Arthur is listed at $3.5 mill

5 Ontario cottage rentals that are still available for the May long weekend

Although spring officially sprang back in March, as all Canadians know, the real kick-off happens on Victoria Day, otherwise fondly known as “May two-four” weekend.

And, with all that warm sunshine finally beaming down on us, the birds, the bees, the leafy trees and people all across the country eagerly emerging from hibernation to embark upon their cottage country adventures, May’s long weekend is the weekend we’ve all been waiting for.

But, wait – did some of you miss the memo on that last p
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I Never Left

Imagine being a race car driver. You’re in the driver’s seat, and thousands of people are cheering from the sidelines. The pressure to win is on. “I have to conquer this race,” you think while speeding along.

You zoom past several cars and take the lead. You are on top of the world as elation pulses through your veins. Distracted by excitement, you let your guard down and expect an easy win — after all, you’re way ahead of the others.

Suddenly, the unexpected happens. Another racer has cut you off. You panic and veer to the side, causing your tire to blow. Your mood spirals as you watch the pit crew scramble to help. Other racers speed past and your heart sinks, and you say, “I’m never going to win. What's the point of carrying on?”

You’re back on the racetrack but can’t stop reflecting on how you have failed already. Consumed by your setback, you remain distracted by negativity. You wonder if throwing in the towel is a good idea before the race is over. You have given up!

For a moment, let's ponder this defeatist mindset. It's natural to get bogged down by emotions, especially when it concerns achieving a goal. But if every single person would quit when bumps in the road blocked them from reaching their goals, nothing would ever get accomplished!

Bedtime Routines: Seeking Daily Gratitude

When life is going well, it’s easy to get distracted by your good fortune, or you might feel that you need more of something to continue to feel happy. At the same time, when things are not so great, it’s tempting to only focus on the negative and what you do not have.

We all want to be glass-half-full people, but getting stuck in the glass-half-empty mindset is almost hardwired within us. We see what we don’t have, and we want it. We see what others might have, and we want that too. We think that what we’re missing will bring us happiness — it’s our nature.

Setting Intentions: Get your Mornings On The Right Track

It’s said that the most successful people rise early and follow a plan. They’re driven and know where they want to go.

Now, that’s not to say they know how to get there or that it’s an easy road to travel, but they have a path — a vision to work towards.

But how do they do this, you might ask. With so many distractions nowadays, like being plugged in 24-7, dealing with shortened attention spans, and sensory overload, it's tough to stay on track and focus on your goals. Never mind the gazillion conflicting opinions you come across each day!

And, if you’re dealing with depression, stress, or anxiety, staying focused on the bigger picture and feeling like you’re on the right track can feel impossible.

But it’s not.

And the secret? Take baby steps and stay the course by setting daily intentions.



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